Photo provided courtesy of the University of Wisconin-Madison Archives.

Convenings & Symposiums

The Gard Foundation works as a “convener and catalyst” to ensure that ideas about the arts and community building, and about the creativity of all people, are discussed as broadly as possible.  To this end, we celebrate important moments in community arts with a symposium to address current ideas.

  • In 2003, we celebrated the Wisconsin Idea and the Arts in conjunction with the groundbreaking for the Gard Storytellers Circle.  To learn more, visit: 2003 Symposium
  • In 2010, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of Gard’s birth.  To learn more, visit: 2010 Symposium
  • In 2016, we are celebrating the commencement of the seminal “Arts in the Small Community” project. To learn more, visit: 2016 Symposium