Photo provided courtesy of the University of Wisconin-Madison Archives.

Works of Robert E. Gard


This bibliography represents the first effort to record a comprehensive list of the works of Robert E. Gard. This list is probably not complete. Gard often did not keep copies of things that he wrote. The list, divided into three categories with links at the right, was compiled from materials in Maryo Gard Ewell’s possession, from Internet searches, from library searches. If the researcher comes across further materials please – let us know. Contact Barbara Strauss to have additional items added to this bibliography. Thanks to Elizabeth Edwards who assisted Maryo Gard Ewell in compiling this list.


The researcher should be aware that there are extensive Gard materials in several collections and archives, which we have visited; they are very rich. Some materials listed below are simply samples of what is in other collections. For instance, the Wisconsin State Historical Society contains the transcripts of numerous radio dramas. The only materials completely online are the University of Alberta collection.

Gard was at Cornell in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s; at the University of Alberta 1942-45; at the University of Wisconsin 1945-80; continued to live in Madison, Wisconsin until his death in 1992. Collections where extensive Gard materials can be found: