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The Robert E. Gard Foundation is committed to helping people and their communities discover the vital role the arts play in their day-to-day lives.

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We have spent several years undertaking an oral history project with the Archives and Records Management program of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries.

We’re excited to announce that the recordings are now completed and available! Board member emeritus Harv Thompson – Gard’s successor in the extension arts programs – assembled previous interviews and conducted new interviews that highlight the perspectives of 18 former professors or administrators about the extension arts programs.

Visit the oral history project here.

2018 Robert E. Gard Foundation Leadership Awardees

The Gard Foundation’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce the 2018 Leadership award recipients!

Carlton Turner, Mississippi Center for Cultural Production
Listen to Carlton’s presentation at the 2016 Wingspread Symposium
Watch Carlton’s video interview from the 2016 Wingspread Symposium

Carlton Turner 2018 Gard Awardee, group photo

Barbara Shaffer Bacon, Americans for the Arts
Listen to Barbara’s presentation at the 2016 Wingspread Symposium
Watch Barbara’s video interview from the 2016 Wingspread Symposium

2018 Awardee Barbara Schaffer Bacon, group photo

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